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Corporate Information

Cathay Securities Corporation is a member of Cathay Financial Holdings. We have paid-in- capital of US$127 million, 359 employees and a business network composed of a head office, 5 branches, and 18 securities counters. Our businesses cover brokerage, underwriting, proprietary trading, and the issuance of financial derivatives. In 2012, we will focus on the following business operations: With respect to retail brokerage, we will step up collaboration with the banking subsidiary under Cathay Financial Holdings in co-selling and plan to push the securities business through the life insurance channel of the Group to offer one-stop financial services. To extend the reach of the brokerage service, we will set up four new offices, namely Zhongxiao, Xinzhuang, Taoyuan and Tainan to establish a presence in all major cities and towns across the country. With respect to institutional brokerage, we will expand the institutional service department to vie for the business of more domestic institutional clientele, while continue to expand the securities lending business for foreign institutional investors to tap new income streams. With respect to financial products, we will start issuing callable bull/bear contracts, increase the issues of warrants and add convertible arbitrage transactions to enhance risk management and increase income. We will also step up collaboration with our brokerage channels for the warrant business. With respect to proprietary trading, we will build strategic trading models under rigorous risk control and harness the efficiency of the proprietary trading system to improve performance. With respect to underwriting, we will carefully select underwriting transaction and establish standard operating procedures for underwriting operations to improve the quality and establish the good name and brand value of our underwriting service so as to increase our market share and fee income. Looking into the future, we will continue to balance financial innovation, product diversification and disciplined risk management and prudently promote various businesses through integrated marketing.